Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have you seen my little bunny?

I Painted this little bunny one night... thinking about making a jewel with it of course...
But the thing is, when I finished it, I just realized it would be completely impossible to sell it because he is already a friend of mine... So I decided to keep it for me! And of course to paint an other one to sell it.

Here you can see both twin brothers rabbit: The one which is on my neck is mine and the other one is the one which is available to buy.

A little thing you can see is that it isn't a print, it's an original watercolor miniature, look at them, they are quite the same, but still have a lot of differences, you see? EACH ONE IS UNIQUE!!

If you want to buy my little bunny, here is the link:

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's raining today in Argentina...

Hi everybody!

It's now spring in Argentina and today is just a rainy day...
But even more than that, it's my blog's creation day, and also the day my baby got 17 month old, and also the day my baby girl inside me got 7 month (still 2 months before I'll be able to see her face!) and... it's my brother's day: St Charles !

What a day!

Thanksfuly is my baby boy is quite calm and I can seat in front of the computer to write you this words... don't know for how long!

Let me just introduce myself then:

I will call myself as CJY, that's my artistic name.
I am a french painter, mostly oriented to realistic painting. I painted with acrylic paint on canvas and did several exposures of my work with great feedback.
But since I became a mom (and very soon will be mom of two), my possible working time suddenly became very very short. So I decided to dedicate myself to miniature watercolor, and to make them as pendant jewels.

Of course I can't help staying in my style: mostly realistic!

Miniature realistic painting is such an interesting thing:
- As it's watercolor, you don't have a lot to "repaint", that means if you failed with a color, that's it, you can trow it away!
- As it's miniature, every little point is very very important : let the white point in the eye of a dog just a bit too far and he will just seem like he squints!

But I am a perfectionist, and I love to do this just because of these difficulties!

Well, that will be all for today I think! If you feel you want to see my work, you can go there: